Siemens C65 規格與評價

門市空機價: (未稅) 無報價

適用 4G:

  • 主相機畫素 10 萬畫素
  • 電池容量 600 mAh(毫安培)



The C65: Enjoy convenience with the new Siemens picture messaging handset

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) presents the C65, a new mobile that offers MMS, an integrated camera, a 65,536 color screen and an attachable flash. Combining innovative applications such as Photopet, the download assistant and extended personalization features, the C65 is a reliable and fun companion.

The C65 is the ideal choice for all your essential communication needs, allowing you to enjoy technology and use it to share emotions and experiences with friends. This compact mobile phone is all about convenience, simplicity and straightforward navigation, yet comes with a great quality high-resolution 65,536 color screen. The integrated camera lets you spontaneously take pictures of your friends and family and send them quickly via MMS. Siemens C65 also comes with an attachable flash, which means you can capture moments 24 hours a day, no matter where you are.

Photopet – a virtual pet on your mobile phone, is the latest game innovation offered on the C65. Feeding your virtual pet colorful photos is among the activities you have to do to keep it alive! The C65 comes with a download assistant to support you with the download of ring tones, logos, games and much more. This animated companion even offers advice when selecting new screensavers and polyphonic ring tones from

Rudi Lamprecht, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and President of the Board of Siemens mobile, comments: "This mobile offers you great features that are easy to use. We’ve used our expertise and knowledge to ensure you experience MMS in a simple and easy to use, yet elegant device. I believe we’ve designed the perfect handset to allow you to explore exciting and fun features of mobile phone technology effortlessly.”

Available in Blue Shadow, the C65 is triband and comes with Java, GPRS and WAP. The phone includes a comprehensive organizer and address book, calendar and world clock to help manage busy social lives. Up to 410 hours of standby time and 300 minutes talk time ensure you can keep on chatting.

A range of Siemens Original Accessories are available like an attachable flash with red-eye reduction, a variety of stylish CLIPit Covers Premium, an elaborately designed Headset Purestyle and the flexible “plug&play” Car Kit Easy with an exchangeable mobile holder for future compatibility. Plus there are a variety of further in-car solutions like the Car Kit Comfort and the Car Kit Portable as well as various chargers and data cables, an extra battery and practical carrying cases.

The phone will be available in Europe and Asia Pacific from June 2004 and North America and Latin America from August 2004.


電池容量 600 mAh(毫安培)
主螢幕色彩 65536 色
主相機畫素 10 萬畫素