Philips 755 規格與評價

門市空機價: (未稅) 無報價

適用 4G:

  • 主相機畫素 30 萬畫素



tones, grayscale images or negative colors. It then takes just a few clicks to attach the finished
image to an MMS message, add a handwritten note, and send it.
The Philips 759 and 755 also feature a huge 7MB memory, big enough to store as many as
800 precious memories for instant recall whenever you want to view them or share them.
Both models have a large 128 x 160 TFT display capable of displaying over 65K colors.
Distinct design, compact construction
The Philips 759 and 755 tri-band phones both feature distinctive, expressive designs with
contrasting colours and manufacturing materials creating an attractive tactile experience,
which also creates distinction between the two models: the 759 carries rugged, industrial
design cues while the 755 features a more sleek, ‘executive’ design with smooth edges.

2/… Philips introduces mobile phones with ‘Snap, Tag & Send’ messaging - continued
The 755 will be available in Silver Alloy, Bright Aluminum and Red Metal color finishes, the
759 will be available in an Aero Silver, Orange Spray, and Red Touch color scheme.
The 759 and 755 are also super-compact in size and weigh just 89g each, ensuring a
comfortable and convenient pocket fit. And with talk times of up to five hours and standby
times of up to 250 hours - more than 10 days – these phones offer some of todays longest
operating times.
Create a personalized sound experience with BeDJ
The new Philips 759 and 755 mobile phone both feature Philips’ unique BeDJ. application,
which lets users create, store and share up to nine distinctive music mixes from either
downloaded WAP sources (operator service dependent), or tracks and sound embedded in
the phone.
As a real-time composer, BeDJ brings out the creativity in people, with its Music Mix Panel
enabling users to mix up to nine tracks, choose an instrument for each music track, change
the tempo and volume of the sound and share the results with friends via MMS thus a very
easy way of mixing your own ring tones.
The Philips 759 and 755 will be introduced in Europe in the course of the third quarter of
this year in selected countries.
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主螢幕色彩 65536 色
主相機畫素 30 萬畫素