Philips 535 規格與評價

門市空機價: (未稅) 無報價

適用 4G:

  • 主相機畫素 30 萬畫素



飛利浦535—內建30萬畫素數位相機的Be DJ手機,音樂影像雙重享樂
預計2004年第一季底上市的飛利浦535是一款彩色直立式手機,同時也是飛利浦第一款內建數位相機的手機,鎖定手機消費市場的年輕族群,擁有 6萬5千色的TFT彩色螢幕,以及內建4倍數位變焦的30萬畫素數位相機,搭配上夜店、玩音樂必備的Be DJ混音裝置,超炫的音樂影像功能肯定能吸引年輕消費者花錢買下這隻手機。初期上市的手機顏色有紅色和黑色。

New Philips 535 mobile phone with FotoTalk, easily adds personal voice messages to
your pictures using MMS
Thanks to the unique FotoTalk feature, Philips’ new 535 mobile phone makes it very easy to
personalize MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) messages. Usually, it takes quite some time
to type in a message or comment to a picture. With the FotoTalk feature, consumers can easy
record their voice or a sound (almost at the same time as creating a picture), add it, a nd send
it! No need to spend more time to create a unique and personal message!
Integrated camera allows fast emotion capture
Up to 100 images (resolution dependant) can be stored thanks to the phone’s dynamic
memory allocation. All it takes to make a photo is 2 clicks, which allows fast emotion capture.
There’s even a built-in mirror for instant self-portraits. Even more, with Philips 535 special
effects, it is so easy to make those pictures even more original and funny: for example, people
can look older (sepia mode) or being shot in black and white (B&W mode). Then it takes just
a few more clicks -less than with any other phone -to attach a recorded sound and send it
via MMS. With the ‘Night Mode’ function, it is easy to snap a picture in the dark as well.
As well as sending photos by MMS messages, another way to use them is with the FotoCall
feature. This shows who’s calling by displaying a photo of the caller or a group of callers.
When the phone rings the corresponding photo is shown on the display, giving users the
extra security of knowing what kind of call they are receiving at any time. But whichever way
images are used, they’re shown in brilliant clarity on the Philips 535’s large TFT display with
65K colors.
Create a personalized sound experience with BeDJ
BeDJ is a real time composer, proposed by Philips only, which offers consumers the
capability to use the Philips 535 as a ‘music mix panel’. With BeDJ, consumers can mix up to
nine tracks, choose an instrument for each music track, change the tempo and volume of the
sound and share their creativity with friends by MMS. No other phone currently available on
the market offers the opportunity to mix this number of tracks together with embedded
sounds. A new generation of young phone users will turn into DJs in their spare time.
Professional DJs enjoy it too. Internationally acclaimed dance DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Mauro
Picotto, Cut Killer, Chris Liebing and Sander Kleinenberg are all working with Philips to
create content for the phone’s music a nd re-mix features.

2/… New Philips 535 mobile phone offers complete imaging and music experience
Special ring tones can be downloaded from (and operator’s
own websites). All these sounds can be used to remix personalized ring tones, or sent to
family and friends together with MMS messages. The sound from the hands-free speaker can
even be enlarged by linking the Philips 535 to a separate audio amplifier.
The new Philips 535 is a compact, lightweight and stylish phone with a real metal design and
a weight of only 92 grams. It is available in distinctive Silver Digit, Red Lens, Blue Focus, and
Black Motion color finish. Talk and standby times are up to 6 hours and 300 hours,
respectively, ensuring long operating times between recharges.


主螢幕色彩 65536 色
主相機畫素 30 萬畫素
鈴聲種類 多音軌